My name is Elton Hartmann Marks.

I am a system analyst, married, and 38 years old. I have been working with computers since 1980. Right now, I am studying HTML, Oracle and Cold Fusion, English, and building Home Pages for my customers.
I have a lot of knowledge about MUMPS-the language, IBM OS/2-the operation system and PCs, also I know about Win/95, Win NT 4.0, Sco-Unix, Office, Lotus 123, Data bases and more.

We like water, mountains, and trips. I like Personal Watercraft and we ride it when we have time, I go to ride in a lake near my house in the weekends and in the summer we use to go to Lake Mead. About 7 hours from home.
Another outside I like to do is ride my motorcycle. It's a nice BMW K1200LT.
I enjoy skiing.We go to the mountains to take rides during the winter.
I live in Moreno Valley, California - USA.
My wife and I study English at the University of California - Riverside.
My religion is Seventh Day Adventist. I believe in God, creation and salvation.

Email me at: Elton

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